Inevitably, the folding appetites of many people are not whetted entirely by two conventions a year, so the BOS organises local meetings, generally once a month. These meetings are mostly informal with about a dozen people attending on average.

The idea is to bring along any new (or old!) books you have found, any folds you are struggling with, any origami memorabilia and show them to other local members.

Folds are taught, stories exchanged and a good time is had by all. If you’d like to come along, just give the organiser a ring to check all is “as advertised” and off you go!

There are still huge areas of Britain not  covered by mini-meetings – if you are in an “origami oasis”, please get in touch so we can help you set meetings up! Specific meeting dates may well be on our events listing. If you want more company, try one of our conventions!

Meetings on the 1st Saturday of even months in Bristol or Bath. Contact Tony O’Hare on 0117 9446106, or 0776 676 1251.

Call David Venables on 01564-824255

Central Scotland
Usually held on the last Sunday every other month (Jan, Mar, May, etc.) Venue changes. For more details check or contact Dennis Walker on 01383 880193

East-midlands mini-meetings are listed on our events page. Contact Toni Lachetta 0115 926 1578 for further information.

Tom Arnold is starting meetings in the Goucester area – contact him on 01452 534150 for more details.

Dave Raynor is running meetings in Slough, normally on the last Saturday of the month. Call or text him on mobile 0791 920 5671 or email him on the link above for further information.

London: (See also the London Origami pages) Held on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 14:00 to 17:00 The Festival Hall , Southbank – 1st Floor Foyer. Anyone interested in joining in is more than welcome! Contact: Sharon Turvey.

Every month, usually on the 3rd Saturday. Details from Dave Tittle

North East
Usually on Sunday. Details from James Dobson. Email, 01661 833895.

Every month, when we can get our act together and organise it. Usually on a Sunday, held at either Nick’s or Thea’s. Contact Nick Robinson (choose “website”) for more info or to add details of your meetings to this page.