BOS Model Library Review



Probably the most well known superhero. Superman posessess multiple powers and is regarded as one of the most powerful superheroes, and is an american icon.

Here we see both an abstract and more realistic representation of the man of steel in paper. The latter uses one piece of paper for the body with colour change for the head and four further pieces for the cloak, trunks and boots.

The logo is from one piece of paper.

Logo by Quentin

Figures by Paul

The Batman

Batman has suffered a chequred history - most people in the western world know of Batman yet most no nothing of his true story. This came about due to a TV series made during the 1960's which depicted Batman in name only. It was acctually a spoof or parody of superheroes. This TV series caused so much damage to the true character that the comics company decided to rename the character, as 'The Batman' and killing his once partner Robin, in an effort to distance themselves from the TV's own character. In consequence this actually made the character stronger and even darker than before. Unfortunatly further screen versions of the character have continued the parady trend, until the recent movie Batman Begins.

The Batman has no superpowers, his origin stems from his experience of being present when his parents were shot dead one night in the street by petty theves. Unable to live with the fact that his parents killers were never cought he turned to stalking the night exacting his own revenge upon all criminals. Dressing as a bat to strike fear into them.

Logo by Quentin, side view and cowel by Paul, Caricature by Ben