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The British origami Society maintain a model library, containing thousands of models, many of which have not been published. LondonOrigami have decided to delve deep into this valuable archive and present a model a month. We started this in June 2005.

Members of the British origami society can borrow diagrams from the collection, contact Pauline Trew, who administers requests.

J0411 Eagle on a Throne by Martin Wall

Not for the beginner, this model depicts the type of furniture which would not be out of place in one of Robert E. Howards sagas of Sword and sorcery.

Example folded by Robin Glynn.

*** Grande Piano by Pat Crawford

A reasonably complex model, requiring careful concentration, with pleasing results giving a realistic representation.

Example folded by Paul Hanson

M 62 Tank by PC Blencowe

Dated  may 1970. This 2D model involves a little cutting.

M 259 Loch Ness Monster by Steve Manthrop

A multi part piece which unusually relies upon the surface it is resting on to form part of the model's illusion.

M0314 Helicopter by Paulo Mitsura Lmamura

This is a flying model which uses the rotor principle to allow a gentle descent when thrown up to a height. It was felt that the instruction at step 11 to 'fold rotors at 90 degrees should be to fold the rotors at an angle as this allowed the rotors to spin better.

Example folded by Sharon Turvey

J0037 Knight on a Horse - composer unknown

Described in origami language pre-dating the well known, symbols we currently employ, these diagrams are presented as a page from what appears to be a book of Teutonic origin. And includes a large amount of text in an old english typeface.

Example folded by Steve Brown

Knight on a Horse -
Sharon Turvey 'Perhaps this vantage point will produce a good night.'

M0171 Knight on a horse by Philip Noble

This abstract rendition has a sense of impending action, and captures well the feeling of jousting knights. The model also appears in 'Origami 3' complied by Robert Harbin.

Examples folded by Rikki Donachie, Sharon Turvy, Steve Brown and Paul Hanson.

J0413 Mermaid on a Rock by Martin Wall

Similar in many ways to his seal on a rock, this mermaid involves some intermediate level folding. The auther recommends the use of foil. In the example folded by Rikki Donachie muji paper was used.

J0061 Mermaid on a rock by Pat Crawford

This model aslos appears in the book Origami step by step complied by Robert Harbin. A large sheet of paper is recommended for this model. Example folded by Steve Brown.

M0183 Native on a palm tree by S. Williams

Example folded by Steve Brown

J0044 O-hina doll by T. Kawai

The diagrams predate the use of the common symbols in use today. Some of the folds have no reference points.

Example folded by Steve Brown

M258 Traditional Japanese baseball Glove taught by Seishiro Yuasa to Eric Kenneway

Dating from 1974 this model is described on the diagrams as a traditional Japanese model. It is possible to put a hand inside the glove if made large enough.

Example folded by Sharon Turvey.

M306 Santa on a Sleigh by Martin Wall

Some tricky pleated folds and some judgement in positioning is required with this model. A second attempt produces a better result once the resulting proportions of the judgement folds are known.

Example folded by Steve Brown.

M315 Frame by Eudlie Saat

This model cretaes a convincing 3D frame which can be used to display 2D origami or pictures. Step 6 appeared to be not needed and was missed out of the folding sequence tought at the meeting. Rectangular frames are also possible.

Example folded by Sharon Turvey.

M157 Flag Jessie Seto

Start with a 2:1 rectangle  Use very thin paper'
Diagrammed by Mick Guy  Eric Kenneway  11.8.70.

M155 Axe by Jessie Seto

Start with a 3x8 rectangle of thin paper same colour both sides
Diagrammed by Mick Guy 13.8.70  Trace of Eric Kenneway original.

M161 Arrow by P. Blencowe

Start with a square white side up
Diagrammed by Peter Mac (no date).

M309 Fangs for the Memory by Eric Kenneway

This model effectively became part of a series featuring fanged lips, with contributions by Ray Bolt and Steve Biddle. In our opinion the most effective fang placement is with Eric’s design.

M269 Mask with moving eyes by Eric Kenneway

This 1974 model compliments well the 'Fangs for the Memory' model also by Eric.

M251 Girl: Head and Shoulders by Eric Kenneway

From 1973. It has his eyes and mouth from M309 and M269.

M252 Snap Hexahedron by Larry Hart

Interesting sequence at the end of the folding this model. (Photo with creator).