Meeting other folders is a great experience, and one of the best places to do it is at a convention. The BOS organises a 2 or 3 day residential weekend, usually at a University venue, during the Spring and Summer vacations.

These conventions are heaven for folders everywhere! New members are made especially welcome, as are children and “non-folding” partners.

Whatever your interest in origami, there will be someone at the convention who shares your views and you will soon bump into them. Equally importantly, you will find that your enthusiasm for origami will increase, your folding skills will improve, and your knowledge of origami will have multiplied many times after coming to a convention.

The society is always looking for new designs to feature in their “Model Collections” which are available at every convention. More information about contributing here.

Forthcoming conventions

5-7 September 2018 at Oxford University – 7OSME
The 7th International Meeting on Origami in Science,Mathematics, and Education. The event will take place at St. Anne’s college, the Maths School and the Engineering department.

8-9 September 2018 at Oxford University – The BOS Autumn convention
The BOS Autumn convention will take place immediately after7OSME at the same venue. (St. Anne’s College Oxford).

More information about both events

6-7 April 2019 at Bradford Campanile
More information

8-9 September 2019 at Milton Keynes
29-30 August 2020 at Edinburgh

General information

Here’s a list of previous conventions, many with a related gallery page.

You will be able to choose from an impressive range of books and paper, provided by our very own supplies department as well as meet with members of the BOS council and ask them any questions you have about the way the society is run, and to volunteer your services. We welcome help from anyone, great or small!

If this is all a bit much, why not start out with a local mini-meeting?