The Venue
St Anne’s College is at the University of Oxford in England. 56 Woodstock Rd, Oxford OX2 6HS

Special Guests
Our special guest will be Alessandra Lamio and Alessandro Beber (Italy)

Alessandra Lamio is one of Italy’s most creative folders, having started origami as a child this developed in college. At medical school she came across origami again and its use in therapy. Since 2014 she as been a full-time Origami artist. Her work involves organising exhibitions, running workshops, training teachers, and also creating models for commissions.

She is an active member of the Italian Origami Society (CDO) and was a member of the scientific committee at the three Italian conventions, including the forthcoming Didactics conference, that will focus on teaching origami. Together with Alessandro Beber, she runs “Mountain Folding”, a summer residential convention focused on Origami creativity. In 2016, she organized and curated the exhibition “Mujeres de Papel”, exploring the role of women in the origami scene. It was first exhibited at the EMOZ origami museum in Zaragoza.

She has exhibited her works in origami art exhibitions in Italy, Spain, Taiwan and USA. Her work explores various genres, with a particular focus on tessellations, geometric and figurative models. Most of her geometric works were invented by playing with geometry and patterns. Designed instinctively, they often have internal tension that make them challenging but most of all fun.

Alessandro Beber first discovered Origami as a young child, the hobby developed and by the age of 10 be was studying and practicing it more seriously since, having met a group of local paperfolders and joining the Italian Origami society (CDO). He attended his first convention around this time.

Since then, he explored and studied techniques, theories and mathematics of Origami. He has designed a number of original models in various styles, both representational and geometric. More recently he has worked mostly on single-sheet origami tessellations and geometric periodic patterns inspired by Islamic and optical arts.

In 2013 he published a booklet about his techniques and in 2017 he published a second book entitled “Origami New Worlds”. He has been a guest at various international conventions including France (2014), JOAS in Japan (2014) and Origami USA (2017). In addition to attending conventions in Italy, Germany and Spain.

His origami has been included in several international exhibitions and galleries around the world. Currently, he works on designing, exhibiting and selling his own origami artworks, designing origami projects on request, teaching workshops and lecturing about origami techniques and mathematics.

Free Folds
We’re sure many of you fold a great deal of origami designs, but what do you do with them afterwards? We’re asking you to sort out a box of cast-offs, “not quite there” models and those simply surplus to rquirements, and put them in a box (anonymously) at the convention for others to take home with them. What isn’t right for you may give someone else hours of fun, working out how it was made. Anything left over will be donated to a school.

Anyone interested in contributing to the programme or assisting with the convention in anyway should contact the organisers (see below). As usual we will be holding an Exhibition, please bring along your latest origami endeavours; we thrive on your origami work, be it old, new, perfect or in the course of completion – original or an interpretation of another’s work, even gallant failures with a story to tell are welcome! Please don’t be shy: let us see what you have been up to recently. You’ll have a chance to tell us any stories behind your work at the Exhibition Review Other folders always enjoy hearing these tales, and frequently we learn surprising things about exhibits.

The programme organisers, would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to teach your own model (we need models of all levels). We would like teachers to explain briefly before or during their session how they came to create their particular model. Apart from teaching you could offer to help in the supplies shop, arrange the exhibition table, or assist with preparing paper for folding groups.

This year, our booking is different, since we are tying in with the OSME event held earlier in the week at the same venue, which many of you will want to attend. Booking for both is through the same system on the University website.

The website offers three paths to book, one for 7OSME, one for the BOS convention and a third to book both events. We look forward to seeing you in Oxford.

Bookings & Programme organiser Mark Bolitho

Convention fees
With approval by the membership, we have introduced a daily convention fee for delegates to help cover steadily rising prices such as hire of room and equipment, and administration costs. More fee details

Please Note
Confirmation of your bookings and directions to the venue will be sent shortly after your form is received. If you have not received confirmation of bookings within three weeks, please contact Penny Groom to make sure that your booking form has not gone astray.

Final details of convention administration arrangements, timings of meals, details of the provisional programme and other information will be sent to attendees shortly before the convention.