The BOS Publications team is now working actively to continue the publication of booklets containing diagrams for models, and also texts on the history, theory, and practice of origami, and related subjects.

You are encouraged to submit any manuscripts for consideration for publication by the team. If your work is accepted, we will help you present your work so it fits the BOS house style, and work with you to ensure your work is presented in the most attractive and saleable form. If you want, we’ll advise you on drawing techniques and styles.

We regret that we are unable to provide any royalties or fees to booklet authors, but you will receive free copies.

Here is a list of currently available booklets is in our supplies shop.

We also produce bi-annual Model Collections to accompany our conventions.

New booklets


Jeff Beynon Origami Six

The final work by Jeff Beynon will soon be available as a tribute to this extraordinary origami model designer who had a unique intricate and decorative illustration style. The book will be available later this year.

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Origami Train Set

Authored by Max Hulme

Your own train set from a simple piece of paper including the fabled Stevenson’s Rocket. Buy your ticket today!

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This booklet is not available as an ebook.


Origami Construction IV width=

Authored by Giles Towning

The fourth volume in Giles Towning’s Origami constriction series. Highlights include a spinning globe, rings, working slinky, working Mexican jumping beans and robot masks.
As a teaser for this booklet, you can download templates to make a “Blue Globe” and an “Earth Globe”.

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This booklet is not available as an ebook.


The Origami of Neal Elias width=

This is a vastly expanded version (over 200 pages) of the original BOS booklet and is available in full colour for the first time.

Complied and Illustrated by Dave Venables

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This booklet is not available as an ebook.

T – Shirts width=

Currently trending – the ‘Careful I’m a blackbelt …’ is one of our most popular T shirts (also available in a range of colours including women’s exclusive shocking pink).

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Future Projects

Origami Instruction Language width=

A reissue of the classic work by the late John Smith – a mathematical language to describe an origami model folding sequence.