The BOS library The BOS library is, we believe, one of the world’s largest collections of Origami resources, containing well over 4000 books, and a similar quantity of magazines, journals, convention packs and catalogues.

The collection has until now existed as several collections split across the UK however it has grown too large to manage and keep up to date. The BOS is currently undergoing a massive sorting and archival process which aims to consolidate this into one archived collection.

The library is not currently open for lending via post however members of the society may borrow books from the library when it visits conventions. If you have a specific request for a book we are able to look to see if we have it in our collection and possibly bring it to conventions, please email the librarian.

As well as convention loaning there are also several small collections of books which remain at mini-meetings across the UK. After the sorting process we may have a surplus of books, some of these will be sold or auctioned however others we will donate to libraries and schools, if you know of any libraries of schools which could benefit from these books please contact the librarian. Volunteers wanted! The BOS is looking for volunteers to help with the library sorting process, for those who can help we should be able to cover expenses. You do not need to have any experience or prior knowledge and all help is welcome. Please contact the librarian to let us know if you can help.