In keeping with our constitution, the BOS is administered by an elected Council, who are voted in every year at the AGM, which is held at our Autumn Convention. The role of President lasts for 3 years and they are chosen by Council. Council members volunteer their time and do an amazing job. Some have served the Society for over 40 years.

Here are the current Council members – we are always looking for people to share their skills and enthusiasm with us, you don’t need to be on the Council to help! Contact any of us if you have something to offer.

Dave Brill (President)
Tony O’Hare (Chair)
Thea Anning (General Secretary)
Adam Woodhouse (Librarian)
Dennis Walker (Magazine Editor until end 2018)
Judy Hart (Membership Secretary)
Nigel Elworthy (Publicity Officer)
Paul Hanson (Publications Officer)
Penny Groom (Conventions Officer)
Robin Winter (Librarian)
Nick Griffiths (Supplies Officer)
Ray Bolt (General officer)
Nick Robinson (Webmaster)
David Raynor (Treasurer)
Colin Rowe (General officer)
Loredana Sandu (General officer)
Stephen Hill (Magazine Editor from 2019-)