7th-8th September 2019

If you don’t want to fill in the e-form below and would prefer to do things by hand you can download print and post it instead.

Please enter the quantities for each item you wish to book, then press “continue”. You will be shown the total price and can complete your personal details. Please read this information before booking.

tick Please complete the form even if you do not require accomodation or meals
Overseas visitors only may pay by credit card.
All bookings must include the total payment due: we cannot collect money during the convention.
Payments should be made to British Origami Society in pounds sterling. You can pay by Paypal via the BOS website, however there is a small surcharge to cover our costs.
Let us know if you have any special dietary requirements. Vegetarian option must be pre-ordered.
Confirmation of your bookings and directions to the venue will be sent to you. If you have not received confirmation within three weeks, please contact Penny Groom.
Final details of convention arrangements, timings, the programme etc will be sent shortly before the convention.
Early prices apply up to 15/07/19

 Book me in for...early   late   how many?
Friday B&B single£ 65.70   £ 73.00  
Friday B&B twin£ 75.60   £ 84.00  
Friday B&B double£ 75.60   £ 84.00  
Friday B&B family room£ 100.80   £ 112.00  
Saturday B&B single£ 65.70   £ 73.00  
Saturday B&B twin£ 75.60   £ 84.00  
Saturday B&B double£ 75.60   £ 84.00  
Saturday B&B family room£ 100.80   £ 112.00  
I will be attending but do not need accomodation
Friday dinner£ 19.80   £ 22.00  
Saturday lunch£ 18.00   £ 20.00  
Saturday dinner£ 19.80   £ 22.00  
Sunday lunch£ 18.00   £ 20.00  
I am vegetarian or have dietary requirements (give brief details)
Model Collection
Special low price£ 12.00   £ 12.00  
Convention Fee Includes tea/coffee. No discount. Click for fee details
Members' Adult fee (per person per day)£ 15.00   £ 15.00  
Members' Concessionary fee (per person per day)£ 10.00   £ 10.00  
Non-members' Adult fee (per person per day)£ 20.00   £ 20.00  
Non-members' Concessionary fee (per person per day)£ 12.50   £ 12.50