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If you are a commercial company looking for an artist, or perhaps a school looking for a teacher, use the links at the bottom of the page. The British Origami Society offers this listing as a service to our UK based members. Please note:

  • We make no recommendations as to the abilities of the people listed below, nor do we accept any responsibility for the work they may perform.
  • Any arrangements regarding fees, expenses etc. should be agreed before the work is undertaken. Please don’t expect people to cover their own costs.
  • The order of people below is random, in order to allow everyone equal chance of “top billing”, but we recommend you browse the full list before contacting people.
  • Once you have chosen a suitable candidate, out of courtesy please let the others you have contacted know that the vacancy has been filled. They may be still spending time on the project.
  • Both clients and companies are reminded that designers of specific models used in commercial work should be contacted before any use is made of their copyrighted work.
  • The information shown below is supplied by the individuals concerned and may not be used for any other purposes whatsoever.
  • Please read the BOS policy on DBS checks if appropriate.