13 Thoki Yenn Orikata - page 6
          I came along the 13.  January 1919 in Denmark in the town  
   of Randers, my parents gave me the name Thorkild Sonder-
   gaard Jensen, but I did not like it, so I changed it to THOKI YENN, 
   when I became old enough to do MAGIC, and needed a name to 
   conjure with. 
       A Japanese friend of mine, Imamura Miki Sama, showed me  
   how to write  my name in Japanese, and chose for me two  
   beautiful characters, which I hereby  proudly present, together  
   with my little helper, who answers to the name of KALMON.  
       The name probably made up as a contamination of 
       KALPA and MONAD. 
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