This shape was the subject of a recent self-imposed challenge of Ted Norminton. Resembling somewhat an intermediate stage of Ed Sullivan’s and Sam Randlett’s Togetherness and Apartheid folds (see Randlett’s The Best of Origami), the Double Diamond shape chosen by Ted has a few subtle differences. Each diamond has the same configuration as the classic diamond base (or a fish, bird or frog base for that matter) but the two diamonds must be self-coloured each using different sides of the paper. Naturally enough, the whole thing must come from a single square, no cuts or glue being allowed, and it must lock cleanly and effectively.

Ted’s final solution filled all these requirements and came from a Blintz Bird Base. It was, I am sure he will admit, not the most straightforward or direct of his repertoire of creations! Maybe you feel you have your own interpretation of the shape… have a go at it: you’ll find that it’s not as easy as it looks! If you’re successful do send your attempt in to us, drawings too if possible.