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Smallest flapping bird
A. Naito, Japan, folded a flapping bird from paper a mere 2.9 mm (about 1/10 in) square in response to a ësmallest flapping bird competitioní the bird was only about 2 mm from beak to tail. To display it, Naito mounted it on a needle inside a transparent globe. However it was still very difficult to see so Nigel Keen fitted a contact lens to the outside of the globe through which it could be viewed. See page 160 of Complete Origami by Eric Kenneway (ISBN 0-312-00898-8).

Smallest paper aircraft
In October 1985 a Swiss man folded a paper aircraft 9 millimetres by 7 millimetres. Guinness Book of Records French edition 1990.

Origami book with smallest sized pages
Origami Encyclopaedia by Kunihiko Kasahara. 9 cm by 9 cm.

Smallest international convention ever held
Gigi Gaisbauer (Germany) travelled 400 miles for a convention with Janneke Wielinga (Nederlands) for a weekend of folding (BOS 222)

Pajarita From Smallest Square
Lluis Valldeneu i Bigas, a Spanish watch maker, has folded a pajarita from paper measuring .36 millimetres by .3 millimetres using a 20 times magnification lens, and two pairs of tweezers! The photograph, shows the tiny pajarita along side a flea. The pajarita is about as large as a full-stop!

Smallest boat
The Guinness Book of Records, French edition 1990 reported a 1.19 millimetre long boat folded from a 1.5

Smallest flower
A flower with a diameter of 3.2 millimetres folded by Christophe Brault, France was shown on the Festival des Records in Beslon, France, July 1986. Guinness Book of Records, French edition 1990. Millimetre square of paper. A Kawasaki rose as found in Origami for the Connoisseur with a diameter of approximately 3 millimetres was folded by Joseph Wu. This may have since been superseded by Winson Chan, against whom he is competing in an ongoing smallest rose competition

Smallest frog
Christian Elbrandt, Denmark, has folded a 2.77 millimetres long frog using a pocket lens, scalpel and tweezers. The frog achieved a jump of 103 millimetres. Guinness Book of Records, Denmark 1995.

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