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The Most

Most butterflies
Evelyne Girard, Quebec, Canada, folded 3000 butterflies in December 1994 from recycled paper. Guinness Book of Records French edition 1996.

Most prolific author
Yoshihide Momotani, 36 books from 1971. British Origami, No. 174, page 23.
Kunihiko Kasahara has published at least 28 books by 1989.

The most beautiful origami book
Pfiffiges Origami, by Paulo Mulatinho, 1995, Augustus Verlag, ISBN 3-8043-0368-4. Every spread is a superb example from a great graphic designer and paper folder. (Obviously, this is my opinion J.S.S.)

Most prolific creator
Akira Yoshizawa, 50,000. Reported by Peter Engel in Folding the Universe, Vintage Publications (recently republished as Origami from Angelfish to Zen, Dover).

Book with most pages
Proceedings of COET91, 461 pages, edited by John Smith, published by BOS. The book ìFairy Talesî with the most pages entirely of diagrams was published by Origami Deutchland for their June 2000 convention . It has 693 pages and features 217 models from 73 creators in 20 different countries.

Most paper cranes
To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima, two hundred thousand folded paper cranes were completed by December 15th 1995. Each crane had someoneís name and peace message written on it. The intention is to preserve them to hand on to the 21st century. Reported on Internet. Sponsored by the Hiroshima International Cultural Foundation.

Most Materials.
Lluis Valldeneu i Bigas has folded the Pajarita from 70 different materials including, gold, silver, steel, ravioli, bread, snake skin, pig skin, clay, cotton, soap, etc.

Most paper boats
In September 1980, 13-year-old Markin Kunz of Germany folded 13,131 paper boats in 432 working hours at a swimming pool in Landau in September 1980. To qualify the boats have to the actually set on water at the same venue. Aktuelle Quatsch-Rekorde 1980.

golden crane award